1st lesson at Oak View Equestrian


45 minute introduction to the barn & riding evaluation




All beginners will start in private 45 minutes lessons.


Lessons will include horse grooming, tacking, and riding.


Once rider is ready they will be moved into a small group.




Group lessons are 1 hour long.


Groups are small, no more than 4 riders


Riders are expected to arrive with enough time to tack horses


and be ready to ride at lesson time. Riders will also be expected


to cool and untack horses after lessons.




Have your own horse? Haul your horse to our facility for lessons.


Negative coggins required


Lesson Hours:


Tuesday-- Saturday: mornings and after school


available. Non-showing Sunday's available


Ages: 6+


Adult only lessons available


What you need for lessons:


* Riding boots - ( paddock boots)


* Riding helmet


* Long pants/jeans


Optional items for lessons:


* Riding pants


* Half chaps


* Gloves


* Grooming kit


We have Consignment Boots, Pants, and Shirts!


Check out www.doversaddlery.com


*All riders must sign a release form and wear a helmet while mounted.

Our recommendation is that riders take at least 2 lessons a week.